Thursday, May 18, 2006


Right from childhood we grow up perceiving images of superficial characters for whom the word “Impossible” doesn’t exist. We see them fighting in animation channels and comic strips, slashing off evil from our neighborhood. Our degree of fascination leads us to a point of accepting their undeniable existence. As we grow up and our horizons expand beyond the small screen and comics, we realize that the face of heroes we had related to all these years were a mere brainchild of human imagination. The heroic figures in the factual world are not the masked men with supernatural powers, but they are ordinary people who take up the charge to accomplish the impossible. I believe it is not heroic to achieve something of high degree by sheer power one has been gifted with, but a truly heroic act would be achieving it with firm determination, constant efforts and perseverance; in the course, overthrowing every contender and being unmoved by any obstacle. The persona and aura of these figures just sweeps us off our feet. But we just tend to get exposed and mesmerized by the brighter and glorious side of being heroic. For a moment, all the painful years of hard work appear to be undersized in comparison to the feat accomplished. Leonardo Da Vinci had stated: “If one looks at the amount of hard work it took me to gain mastery, it wouldn’t appear fascinating anymore”.

It’s not easy being in their shoes; it’s not easy being able to stand by every larger than life expectation residing on their shoulders; it’s not easy being looked upon nothing less than miraculous. Reminds me of the track by Five for Fighting “It’s not easy being me (referring to the comic character Superman)”. Every coin has two sides and they’re no exception. There are people who constantly try to shatter them to bits and pieces, not leaving a single chance to extract that last drop of blood left in them. They make constant efforts to exploit every opportunity to abate their iconic image, posing obstacles in their courses to compel them into submission. There are always people who want to see a hero fail, rather than succeed. Despite it all, the determination, the perseverance, the courage to rise back from the ashes and achieve the goals is what defines the strong character of these heroic figures.

In our society, losers are looked down as the hopeless and unsuccessful breed of human beings who are not worth competing and making a place of their own in the hierarchy. Rather than encouraging them to stand again on their feet and fight back, they are de motivated and loaded with negative energy. They are made to believe that once tagged as failure, life becomes a painful journey forever. Michael Jordan said “If you’re not successful doesn’t mean that you failed, at least you tried. I failed a thousand times before I finally succeeded”. He is the same athlete who was dropped out of his high school team for not being an appropriate choice for their basketball squad. He returned back with force and went on to dominate the court in a manner no athlete till date has been able to. He is the greatest basketball player ever to play the game and also managed to be in the list of the richest athletes even after his retirement.

Losers may not be Winners for the moment, but when they succeed, they are the toughest winners, ones that the competitors would have to struggle really hard to sideline. Losers- without them, there wouldn't be a winner. For if not for the losers, winning wouldn't have been so glorious and Herculean a task to accomplish. It doesn't matter whether you win or lose; all that matters is that you give it your best shot. You should walk out with the feeling of content that you did all that you possibly could to win.

Destiny favors those brave men who trust their instincts and take steps they firmly believe in without being unmoved by the burden of negativity attempting to squash them. Time and again there have been more than enough instances in the history when courageous men and women have defied all odds and made us believe that one doesn’t need to posses special gifts or powers to accomplish the unachievable. We all are equipped with the weapons needed to succeed in achieving our goals; no matter how high they are set. But only a few of us are able to realize their significance and exploit them to rise above the rest, setting standards and inspiring the generations to follow. We all have been blessed with the ability to foreground the heroic figure hidden inside us. It’s all in our mind and perception how we want to be looked upon as.


At 2:58 AM, Blogger Isha D said...

Good, really nice post. It surmises all when u say

" You cant FLY if you cannot Fall"

and i hope and wish that every FAll takes you higher..

At 8:37 AM, Blogger Shweta said...

Nice posts... nice thoughts... Just accidentally dropped in reading your post on PG...

At 3:18 AM, Blogger artyfact said...

Courage doesnot always roar.
Sometimes it is the quiet voice
At the end of the day saying,
"I will try again tommarrow"


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